Transformational Leadership: A Blueprint for Real Organizational Change

Versatile leaders optimize organizations with positive changes – persistence, realism, and transparency

No one is immune to these rocky economic times. Innovative businesspeople all over the country are adapting their organizational structures to survive, profit, and compete in today s unreliable market. The practical and relevant advice in Transformational Leadership: A Blueprint for Real Organizational Change by Randy Dobbs can be applied to major corporations and small businesses alike, as well as to non-profits, universities, hospitals, and other institutions.

Transformational Leadership differs from often dry and notoriously boring business books – it reads like a novel. In it, Dobbs provides a step-by-step guide to improving the internal structure of any organization. Effective and common sense how-to advice is supported with concrete examples of the principles at work. His leadership insights will help sharpen the skills of beginning entrepreneurs as well as veteran moguls.

Real Hope: How Hope Drives Positive Actions That Lead to Buisness, Leadership, and Real-World Victory

“Read this book to discover how hope as a strategy can work for you.” – Partick J. Welch, Co-founder, Welch, Carson, Anderson & Stowe

“Dobbs and Nongard understand how hope is transformational and share their insights for taking action on hope in a powerful way.” – Adam Johnson, Executive Director, Democracy Prep at the Agassi Campus 

“In my non-profit work, I have seen firsthand that hope changes lives. It changes people. It changes communities. Dobbs and Nongard show leaders effective ways to utilize hope as a strategy to make a difference in the world.”  – Charlene Blackstone, State Director, Best Buddies International Inc

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