Alignment Is Critical in Many Things—Including Leadership

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In my previous blogs, I have had the opportunity to convey many thoughts about some of the fundamentals of leadership. Last week, I built my blog around some thoughts about college football and I do love to compare leadership to various sporting events. I like to build my leadership thoughts around team sporting activities as I think they stand as such unique examples of why, like some sports teams, some businesses excel and why some businesses really never succeed despite strong efforts. When you follow a team in just about any sport today, you often find that most teams have very talented players that have trained for the sport most of their life. Successful coaches who have been around the sport and worked at it most of their life. They have studied and well thought out game plans and in most cases their technology/equipment is the latest and the greatest but they still perform miserably!

More times than not, the reason for this lack of success on a sports team full of great components or a business with great people, good processes and a strong market is driven by one significant factor which is the lack of alignment. The lack of alignment of all these skills, activities, attitudes, behavior or actions is just about always the driving factor in the inability of the sports team or a good business to make a plan work or succeed.

I have shared over several weeks my thoughts about communication, clarity of purpose, involvement versus commitment, vision and passion. Those are all the attributes that I feel are just fundamental to having the potential to being a transformational leader. Now I will begin to hopefully tie all those thoughts together by describing how you align an organization, their processes, their objectives and their performance goals to achieve success or a “winning season”, if you think about this as a competitive event for all involved.


Involvement versus Commitment

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I will never forget the story I was told many years ago about the difference between involvement and commitment. A friend, who always shared great stories and jokes with me, asked me if I knew the difference between these two words. I assumed this was one of his typical good jokes but it turned out to be something much more meaningful and visible in my mind to the point that I never forgot it. After admitting that I surely did not know the difference to the extent that I was sure he would share with me. He stated that you simply have to look no further than your breakfast meal to clearly see the difference. I said, “how is that?” He said, “well when you see the eggs you know the chicken was involved but when you see the bacon you know the pig was committed!”

In my last blog, I wrote that the toughest task facing the new CEO of the troubled business would be that of being a real “involved” leader who understands that everything done on the human front has a direct impact on the business front. While I do believe that with all my heart, the “commitment “ of any involved leader will be measured by the ability to vision , the passion for the vision and the discipline to drive to that vision despite the obstacles that will always arise. Any successful leader will have to set the example and own the commitment every day to lead the organization/division/ business relentlessly to the vision with a passion and discipline that makes that vision for greatness a reality and that is where involved becomes committed in the leadership world. In the next few blogs, I will talk about vision, passion and discipline for committed leadership as I hope you all realize this is where it starts with your commitment!


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