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As I have discussed before, a leader wears many hats but the hat that maybe most important for a leader to find and wear every day is the hat of empowerment. I think there are few management books or articles that you can pick up today that don’t quickly talk about empowerment but what really is empowerment? My simple view of this broad reaching management term is the trust and belief that you have or develop in your people that allows you to feel comfortable in giving them the authority to make decisions. A business can only be as good as its speed to address its issues and opportunities. Empowerment allows and expects employees to make decisions to deal with the needs of the business on a real time basis versus waiting for the problem to be escalated through a series of reviews in the organization.

Does that giving of the authority to make decisions make you as the reader anxious? I think it probably does if you are a person who thinks only you have the correct answers. Also, if you are the type of person who just does not like mistakes you probably cringe at the thought of empowerment as I described it. However, I contend the organizations with the best performance over the long haul are those where the leader is not afraid that the decisions in the business can and should be made at the level closest to the problem and understand that sometimes those decisions/ actions will not be mistake free, but if you can see those as an investment in ownership, retention, excellence and business speed, I think your business will be head and shoulders above your competition in many ways!

Are people free to say what they think in your company in a constructive format? Well a funny thing happens when you get to this level of openness and empowerment and that is people will tell you what they really think and feel about the processes, the customers, the product performance and the go to market strategies that are engaging them to not only perform but THINK! As I have said before, I don’t believe anything is more important than getting your people to “bring their brain to work and use it!” I will talk further in the next blog about the details surrounding empowerment and accountability as they go hand in hand. I hope you will see that I think it is about ownership not how many rules you d=create that will drive real business success!


Getting The Right People Is A Constant Aspect Of Transformation


Have you noticed the average age of many of the professional sports players? Since I so often talk about football, let’s talk about the point I am making in another sports profession, major league baseball. It is not hard to notice if you follow major league baseball that only a handful of players are still going strong MLB after 35 years of age. The reason for this is that the players not only age and get somewhat slower in running, pitching or seeing the ball to hit but they must face year after year the onslaught of more young very talented players who would give anything to make the team and take their job. This competitive threat keeps the older player hustling for all he is worth and it motivates the younger player to believe that his talent maybe just enough to facilitate a change this year.

As I have taken over various businesses or even organizations within businesses when I was a younger leader, the first and most important task for me was to evaluate my players and decide if they could play for me and continue as the player in their current role. For the most part, the people that I have inherited have been good people who were doing their best in their role as the organization was defined and expecting at that point. What was more important to me was not their past but were they ready to play on a team that needed to make significant changes to become a real winner in its market place. I don’t mean in this message that the people in the current roles can’t play on your team and win. In fact, I have had many do just that and they have become people that I have called on to go to other opportunities with me to lead even bigger changes, but I will tell you that many just could not make the team because the playing field and requirement to lead were changing beyond their capability or desire to change.

I do believe that in some cases there are other roles for these people who can’t play at the level you need going forward with your new business objectives and that can be both within and outside the company. I believe to some this blog will sound perhaps too tough and a bit uncaring but that is far from the message I want to impart. I believe in coaching. I believe in second chances. I believe in rewarding people who really try but just can’t quite make the grade. However, I also believe with all my heart that the right people will only stay and play like all-stars for you if you build an environment that everyone who plays on that team must have those right qualities with no exceptions. At some point in the future I will write further about how to evaluate and continue to motivate these all-stars so you don’t lose them to another team.


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