Process Is Critical, But Personally It Can Be Very Frustrating!

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In the last blog, I wrote about the utilization of a process oriented approach to helping a business that I serve on the Board of Directors to achieve growth in prospects and close rates with those prospects. I mentioned my process oriented background and the fact that I have embraced for years that process provides solutions while “quick fixes” usually provide more problems in the long term. With that said, you would think that I would readily accept the need for process in all aspects of my life. Well in some personal instances, that is easier said than done so I do have those personal occasions where I can understand how business leaders desire for a “quick fix”. The driving force for me in that personal quick fix is the resolution of a serious health problem with an immediate family member. It is a life or death situation. Having been taught to diagnosis, analyze and fix issues issues from a process perspective in the business world, I recognize that some issues can mean the same to the viability of a business. However, just as I have learned to trust the process (but drive decisions and actions) in business, I am learning and applying that same belief to my personal situation.

I have discovered personally that much like the business orientation, you must seek out the best members to put on your team and then you need to get all the members of your team (in this case various doctors) to serve as a team. The team needs to draw on the experiences of all the members of the team as they work to craft a solution or alternative solutions. No one solution is more valuable than another until it is discussed with both pro’s and con’s by the group. Once the potential actions and solutions are crafted, the team has to act and it has to be accountable for dates and follow-up both individually and as a group. Most importantly and very difficult to apply in this personal setting is the fact that the process may call for a solution that is not fast and not guaranteed. This is always tough in business but even more so in critical personal situations. Last, the team and the facilitator have to always consider the feelings/emotions of the individual or individuals for whom the actions are being taken which means strong communication and education.

Writing this blog has been good for me to help remind me that a process approach is the right way for my personal situation despite how much I long for a “quick fix”. I hope you can identify with the values associated with a process approach following my back to back blogs from both recent business and personal activities.


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