Great Businesses And Operational Success Are Founded On Even Greater Sales Results

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Spending the last several blogs writing about integrity and it being the cornerstone of any real business transformation, I want to shift gears and talk about the critical baseline that must exist to even begin to think about transformational results. That baseline is selling. Regardless of the businesses, you simply don’t have a successful product business, service business or a combination of the two without sales of your product/service that allow the business to cover its costs and grow. I know that sounds so simple that many of you must be wondering why I am writing about this. Well, most of what I write is driven by the events of day to day life and this writing is no different.

I am on the Board of a fantastic growth business called Serrus Capital Partners. This business has been built by two co-founders who have completely opposite but very complimentary skills. One of them is a serial entrepreneur who is creative and very effective in selling his concepts to a broad cross section of investors. The other co-founder is one of the brightest and most take charge operating guys who has years of experience in the real estate development. These co-founders took their collective skills and two years ago joined together to create an investment fund in distressed residential real estate that has been successful in all aspects including fundraising, deployment of capital, revitalization of the investments and the sale, lease, rental of these improved properties that are providing a strong investment return, improved neighborhoods and numerous jobs. In fact, Fund I has been so successful that we are just initiating similar opportunities in Fund II.

I share all this with you because of the most important part of this story. If sales of this investment concept had not have happened, all Fund I would have been was a good idea that failed. In fact the continuing investment opportunities in the real estate market exceed the funds raised in Fund I. We have proven operating success via our processes, technology and focus. There is greater opportunity for continued investment than when Fund I started but despite our success we can not take advantage of the significant remaining opportunity unless we sell this conceptually to more investors. The conclusion is that in so many businesses rarely is it that putting money to work is hard to do. On the other hand, most great business ideas that fail do so for lack of sales or revenue to deploy the business offering. In the next blog I will talk more about having the right sales resources, metrics and processes.


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