Having Great Integrity Does Not Mean Always Being Right

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I believe I have found a subject that many are anxious to discuss more as with all the feedback I have decided on a third article dealing with leadership integrity. In my previous two blogs I focused on integrity as the cornerstone of a transformational leader and that real committed leaders don’t compromise integrity just because things do not go their way or tough times confront them. With this blog I want to change gears and talk about the fact that strong integrity DOES NOT mean that you have to be right all the time. In fact trying to be right all the time will make you a very ineffective leader as others will be fearful of speaking up and making you feel wrong. That is a blog for a later date so let me further discuss not always being right.

As leaders we have been taught to have great confidence in what we do and say and quite often to be convinced that we are correct even if there maybe some doubt about the complete correctness of our opinion. I have seen and I suspect that many of you have also seen that leader who literally fears being wrong as he/she thinks it goes with the job to always be right. It is my opinion that if you lead with the belief that you will never be wrong then it is possible that your integrity can be as compromised as if you had failed to be completely open and honest in your communications. For you see the leader who has to always be right is the leader who has failed to realize that it takes much more than a title and facts to gain respect, and even outstanding integrity will not resolve that flaw.

As much as people want to work in a high integrity environment where they trust the direction, the communication and the leaders, they want just as much to be able to have an opinion and to know that everyone is capable of being wrong and learning from it. People don’t care how much you know or how right you are. People care about the integrity of their work environment and how much you care about them being a part of the team. So, you should worry about never compromising your integrity but you should spend little time worrying about always being right!


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