What Is And Always Will Be The Most Important Business Attribute?

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I did not really want to go down this path on my blog this week but I have a been so troubled by a series of events that I decided it was critical to express my views about the most important business attribute that is not valued nearly enough by too many leaders. That business attribute is a simple word but the depth of issues that can surround it if it is not embraced is devastating. The attribute is integrity. We are bombarded, it seems like every day, by countless examples of leaders who have just simply decided that integrity was less important than money, fame, or some form of satisfaction which will now compromise there future abilities and effectiveness forever. In fact, I was at a Board meeting recently where I stated to the leaders of the business that I was simply serving with them and investing in their business because integrity was the most important aspect of their day to day leadership.

I never really was as visible to the general public as a CEO as many of our politicians or business leaders are today but it was my general belief that I was the leader of a great group of people who had placed their trust and future in my vision and leadership. If I falsified things about the business’s future, its needs, its financial position, or their future and it was discovered, at what point were they to believe me or trust me again? All the hard work by me, my team and all the members of the business could be destroyed or at least significantly impacted in a negative way by my lack of integrity. In fact, I told all my teams that I would answer any question with as much honesty or opinion as I had and if I did not know I would simply say I do not know.

I believe we are being conditioned to believe that lack of integrity is simply a mistake that is to be forgiven with the hope that things will be done better in the future. I do believe in second chances but I think as leaders we have to never ask for a second chance on integrity because we will never be as effective a leader when this attribute is compromised. Every team deserves to work for a leader and a leadership team that they can trust and that trust will be the cornerstone of buy-in to the vision, tough execution choices, strong communications and putting the best people on the team. At the heart of Transformational Leadership lies the cornerstone of integrity!


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