Leadership Is About Not Just Accepting, But Confronting Reality

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I was in a great conversation a few days ago with a young, intelligent and very driven business entrepreneur who has been wildly successful in not one but a couple of business start-ups. We talked at length about all the attributes that are required to really drive both short and long term success. We really relate to each other when it comes to building a vision, driving a commitment by all involved to that vision, putting the right talent on the team and a metrics/process driven approach to the execution of both the short and long term strategy. With that said, I was compelled, however, to write this blog about the most interesting aspect of our lengthy conversation which was the need to day to day confront the various realities that will and do affront every business/organization regardless of how well they have planned.

It was clear in our conversation, since both if us know many driven, intelligent and hardworking leaders that have not succeeded, that planning a business and actually operating in this fast paced world of change are two very distinctly different needs. Our most interesting agreement in this area was the fact that we think many great visionaries with great teams fail to really execute because they believe the plan and people will overcome the unforeseen realities that occur day to day long after the plan is in place. Therefore, we agreed that with a strong plan, a good team and focused processes every leader must also be able to anticipate and constantly be diligent concerning the what he/she did not know or anticipate when the plan was built.

In other words, the really successful leaders, who realize the best return on all of their investments, are those leaders who don’t just build a plan and wait to see how the day to day realities will impact that plan. The very best businesses and leaders are confronting the reality of their marketplace, the economy, and their own business needs to adjust or modify their plans, teams and metrics to win. The most successful leaders run out to meet/confront their problems not wait for the issues to come to them!


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