How Do You Get The Right People On Board Throughout The Organization?

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I recently blogged about the value of strategic planning but I also shared with all of you that the strategic plan is only as good as the great human resources that you have in place to execute
the plan. I had the opportunity to talk about that in even greater detail this week as I opened a question and answer session following a speech that I made to a local business forum and a
number of bright entrepreneurial business leaders earlier this week. The group was very attentive to the thought process that is a basic roadmap for any business which as I have stated is
defining business success factors (price, market share, asset leverage, etc), a strategy to get there and then the right people and processes to support/execute the strategy to close the gap
between the success factors and the strategy. As I closed the presentation and opened up the meeting to questions, one of the best questions was, “How long does it take to get the human
resources committed to your vision/plan and how do you get that to happen throughout the entire organization?”

What an insightful question that was! I addressed the first part of that question very openly and stated that through my experiences it takes an ongoing commitment to communications to both
get and maintain the organization’s commitment to the vision/plan. Of course, the effort required in the first 100 days as the new leader is very different than the effort required in year two or three. The
point is that you clearly have to do a lot in the first 90 days and first six months to move the organization’s beliefs and views as well as to get buy-in to where you are taking them. However, once you
get the organization going in the direction of the new vision/plan it must be maintained through a robust and continual communication plan to continue to feed, reward and drive the change
necessary to long term strategic success.

The second part of that question is even more interesting and I shared with the audience that you can not effect change without the entire organization buying in. This buy-in starts at the senior
team level so as CEO I had to get the right players reporting to me first then I had to get to know very well the next two levels of leaders in order to know they were on my side or not and to know
they too would drive the type of change that I was promising the organization. You get to know these next two levels of leaders by scheduling time with them in their organizations, by holding
skip level sessions with their employees, by conducting operating reviews with multiple levels of the organization involved, via ongoing Town Halls, by formal talent planning sessions and the list
goes on! In other words, if you want an organization that buys-in, supports and drives the business success, you MUST spend lots of time on this. I suggest 30 to 40% of your working time as a
business leader–no small task!


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