If You Want Them to Care You Must First Show You Care!

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I often have the opportunity to have very interesting and enlightening conversations with other great business leaders. I was recently in one of those conversations with a friend who has experienced significant entrepreneurial success. We talk about leadership on all fronts and it is always very interesting for me to hear his perspective as an entrepreneur. I really enjoy comparing it to my experiences as a leader who came up through the structured environment of organizations like the General Electric Company. After talking for quite some time, we narrowed our conversation down to what is really important in either environment to really succeed and it was really amazing to me the commonality of our experiences and opinions.

As you may have guessed by now, the biggest synergy in this very interesting topic was the need to find the very best people and motivate them to work to their full potential and beyond. As I have said before, when you say things like that it sounds easy but it is far from easy! In fact, we ended up talking about a number of experiences that we had personally had where we were as the employee of some organization significantly under utilized and less than motivated at several points in our career. When we really begun to compare true feelings about those experiences, it was so clear that we worked for managers (not leaders) who simply did not care about us but cared very much about themselves and their next promotion. As a matter of fact, we then moved on to discuss that even in our curret roles as senior independent business leaders, we are even more keenly aware of those people who are just trying to get something from us versus invest in a relationship and future with us.

It is these thoughts that prompted the title of this blog at the end of our conversation. We actually discussed a common acquanitance that is knowledgeable, well connected in the business community and has the ability to really make a difference on many fronts. However, the approach taken to get things from others be it funds, volunteered time and/or community development is one that lacks real personal connection and committment to those needed by him and his organization. So, my friend and I drew the conclusion that if you want me to care or committ, I must first know that you care and are committed to me and my needs. In my book you can get through the Town Halls, the open door policy, the Ask Randy messages, the operational reviews, the strategy sessions and the vision communication that I was just simply committing myself to caring about the business and all involved. So, above all else please remember as a leader that the only way others will truly care and committ to your objectives/needs/aspirations is to first know that you truly care about them in whatever undertaking you are leading!


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