Strategy is Critical, Not Casual, for Real Business Success!

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I was very fortunate to have lunch earlier this week with a bright and articulate Investment banker this week. As we talked about business development and the rebounding market, I was quite impressed by a couple of his thoughts and they rang so true to my beliefs that it made for a wonderful leadership dialogue with a guy that is much more than an investment banker. He shared with me that he has many existing clients and as of late even more potential new clients who come to him and his organization looking to add to their businesses via acquisitions, raise capital to expand their businesses and/or potentially market their businesses to sell. His statement to me was that many of these clients or potential clients were not positioned to execute on any of these fronts because their businesses had be much too “casual” in their approach to their go forward business strategy. This approach had left them with slow growth, poor market position, declining earnings or in some cases all of the above!

As we discussed this situation, we both agreed that strategy is a CRITICAL on going yearly process that must be afforded both time and resource to develop and execute. As I shared in my book, strategic reviews are a cornerstone of the basic General Electric operating process and every business spent considerable time every year, normally in the first half of the year, to understand their market, their competition in the market, a strong SWOT analysis (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, threats) relative to this data, a plan for growth built on this data and a plan on how to resource the strategic plans that are developed. I subsequently used this processes in every business I lead outside of GE and it was a real driver of our growth and business development plans with USIS, the private equity portfolio company where I was CEO. My activity on this front that I describe in the book and all the years that I participated in this strategic review process in GE are witness to how critical strategy is to both defining how your business will continually succeed and what needs to be done to close the gap to get there.

In the end, I could not have agreed more with my lunch guest and I was excited to see how much he valued strategic planning and was driving it into the hearts and souls of small to mid-size business owners. For he knows as well as I do that long term business success does not allow for a “causal” approach to day to day operations or a “casual” approach to planning your long term future of your business. Both are critical to sustained business success!


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