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Within the last couple of days I was talking to a really focused leader in a well known private equity firm and the more he described a current leadership issue in one of his portfolio companies, the issue became really clear to me. This is a problem that is all too common in business leadership but with some of the recent economic challenges it has become more pronounced in many businesses. The issue is that many business leaders believe the best way to deliver results is to control virtually every aspect of the business and those who have been charged with leading in respective areas of the business. In other words, the trust and real openness that are so critical to any organization’s development are compromised by the belief that control is more important than people, creativity and clarity/openness of thought.

Learning to be a real leader who is open to not always being right, one who can accept failure and one who can trust those in the organization is not necessarily easy but the payoff for the organization and for the leader is significant. Your best people in an organization are first recruited to an organization but over time they choose to remain and perform because they are attracted to it and the opportunities it gives them. In all my experiences, my best people were attracted and retained because I had enough trust to allow them to call their own shots and own their objectives that supported the overall business results at all levels of the organization!

The heart of an organization is driven to a strong beat by the openness and authenticity of its leaders. When a leader ignores the needs for empowerment and the organization’s desire to feel successful via their own efforts, it inevitably means we are ignoring the the development and retention of the organization. So when the leader fails to be authentic and really care about the organization’s needs and development, the organization will stop being authentic as well. It stops bringing its talent and energy to the workplace and quickly loses sight of the vision and objectives for the future of the business. I think that being a real person who understands the needs of the organization and conveys that regularly is one, if not the most critical, skill required in high performance leadership.


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