Looking in The Mirror is a Difficult Task

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I often feel that my personal thoughts and habits have improved greatly as I experience more of what life has to offer. I also think that my commitment to exercise is one that is stronger than the average individual and I feel that it is helping me to age gracefully. Then on occasion I make that necessary reality check by looking in the mirror both figuratively and literally! On a figurative basis when I stop to reflect I realize in the mirror of my mind that I still have a lot to do to grow mentally in my thoughts and actions. Then I see literally in the mirror that my exercise is good and dedicated but it will only slow down the aging process.

If I use that same mirror test for leadership, it is a good process that often employed will make me stop, think and make a difference to those who follow me. For you see the leader is completely responsible for the atmosphere with which others work and see themselves both as individuals and as a team. The leader by constantly looking in the mirror establishes the mood and environment which encourages the associates in the organization to look in the mirror and accept the responsibility to drive personal, professional and business success. The leader of an organization uses the mirror to see if he is causing things to happen and to see if he/she is creating an environment where others work to own and drive success.

So like with the aging process, looking in the mirror is difficult but it allows us to confront the reality of where we are. So it is with the leadership mirror, a real introspective look to see if we are leading or controlling the organization and all involved!


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