Everybody Loves A Winner!

With all the hype that surrounds Super Bowl Sunday, I thought this is the perfect title for my thoughts on this blog. Please don’t get my thoughts wrong from this title. One team will lose the big game and they will have fans that will love them just as much as they ever did but when you are not a rabid fan of one particular team it is often easy on Monday morning to join in a conversation about what a great team these guys are because you are in short associating yourself with a winner. A really eye opening example of this which I found myself right in the middle of was the recent National Championship win in college football by Auburn University. I have shared before that I am a big Auburn fan and I have been for years, growing up there as a child, However, following their win over Oregon and an undefeated season, it seemed to me for a number of weeks that everybody I talked to was an Auburn fan! This activity of associating yourself with a winner does not just hold true for sports. It happens in business and other organizations as well. So, let’s talk about creating wins in business so that you can be loved by employees, customers and investors!

Real business transformation takes significant time and most of your customers, employees and investors will not be in it for the long haul without some evidence of winning along the journey. With employees it is important to set performance improvement goals and clear yearly/quarterly objectives that will feed the transformation and then reward and celebrate these achievements with recognition, promotions and financial gain as the business gains. With customers it is critical to know what their most compelling needs are to improve the relationship/performance and incorporate that into the vision. Then it will be even more important to let the customer know through clear business metrics the focus you are putting on their most critical needs and the progress or setbacks that you are experiencing it achieving these objectives. Customers and employees alike both want to know they have been heard, that there is clear business objectives relating to their needs and that open, honest feedback will be given relative to the objectives. Finally, your investors are interested in all the customer/employee activities as well but they want to know how it will positively impact their investment and when. Again, clear objectives and and real metrics should pave the way to being a winner both in the short term as well as the long run with investors. All three groups will have patience and a commitment to winning with the right structure and the structure and execution will have all three groups love being a part of a winner!


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