It Is More About The Vision Than I Realized!

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I know in a previous blog that I shared with all of you the degree to which I feel “the vision: is so critical for a business, but this week even I had even my eyes opened up to that fact, so let me share that with you.

A local businessman who I respect a lot recently made a trip with his sons to the Amazon which was an amazing trip filled with as you might imagine very unique experiences. We serve on a Board together and he was familiar with my book on Transformational Leadership. I was surprised this week when I was talking to him to find out that he had taken my book with him to the Amazon and actually read it during the trip. Of course I was thrilled but my big question to him was did you get anything from the book? He shared with me that he did get several takeaways which he would love to share with me in the near future. Of course, I was excited and since we had limited time together I asked him what is the biggest takeaway you got from the book? Without hesitation he said, “It is so clear that the book shares that to really transform any organization/business you must have a clear vision and know how to sell it to others.” That was really music to my ears because I do believe this is the very heart of transformation.

So, while I am not trying to be repetitive today, I felt compelled to write again in my blog and share that of all elements found in a successful transformation, none is more important than a compelling sensible vision! Vision, as my colleague discussed with me, plays a key role in producing useful change by helping to direct, align and inspire actions on the part of large or small numbers of people depending on the organization size. You know it made me think again about all the major transformation activities that I have lead and all of them without the baseline of an appropriate vision could have easily dissolved into confusing and incompatible efforts by so many that would have achieved much less or perhaps nothing at all! So, as you look to the future of the changes that you want to see accomplished for your organization please think first and foremost about the compelling vision that can be embraced and described by all in the organization in a matter of minutes. Because if you can’t get a description in a matter of minutes that signifies both broad understanding and interest in where an organization is going collectively then you really are still lacking a vision that will drive real transformation!


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