Planning is Essential for Transformation, But Execution is the Key!

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I was talking to a very dear friend of mine over the weekend and we got into a very lengthy conversation about a big challenge that he has been tasked with relative to the performance of his business. He and I have served together in several different businesses and he is quite frankly one of the best and most hardworking operating guys that I know. He called me on Friday to tell me that he has been asked to move from a Divisional operating role to lead a non-labor cost out operating effort across the entirety of the company that employs him. When we first spoke on Friday, I immediately went into a planning mode where I offered him a multitude of thoughts on areas or buckets of cost that he should plan to review and attack to get at leading this activity with results. We briefly discussed these planning thoughts to transform his business cost results and agreed to speak on Sunday morning in more detail.

As I thought about our conversation over the weekend, it hit me like a ton of bricks that we were doing a great job at planning our actions but we were doing little to insure that execution of the plans would be realized. You see, just as we had made the mistake of quickly jumping into the tactical side of execution, many leaders believe that doing a great job on tactical planning will fix the problem but that is far from correct. Tactical planning is really important to execution but no tactical plan can be executed without the organizational competency to execute the plan!

In this particular opportunity when we talked again on Sunday, I told my friend that all the tactical details that we had discussed could not be accomplished unless the proper leadership focus was applied to the ongoing execution first. My advice was that he should move, at least on a temporary basis, to the role of a direct report to the CEO of the business. The CEO must then take the lead if discussing with the balance of the organization the whys for this activity, the continuous follow-up (which can be delegated to my friend with his authority) and ensuring the total organization’s accountability for implementation. I hope you see that what I realized and stated is that the tactical planning is essential to having a path to lower non-labor cost but it will not be executed, really lowering non-labor costs, unless it becomes the reality and responsibility of all involved, starting in the office of the business leader.


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