Executive Leadership: Empowerment’s Success is in the Details

executive leadership
If you watch just about any sporting event, you know that despite the ups and downs during your team’s quest to win the thing that matters the most at the end of the event is the final score. Your team may have played well below their potential and the number of mistakes could have been unbelievable during the game but in the end, if the scoreboard declared them the winner you tend to be much less frustrated. In fact most fans often forget most of the bad moments because the final score declared them a winner which is the ultimate measure of sporting success. I contend the same is true for empowered workforces. A truly empowered team will make mistakes, play poorly at times and even experience some significant failures but if they really work as an empowered team with the end goals in mind of customer satisfaction, market share, revenue growth, earnings, etc. they can be a winner based on winning scores in these business objectives.

Did you ever hear the old saying “the devil is in the details”? Well that saying could not be more true as you work to measure how effectively empowerment has been in the performance of the business. You should never be fooled into believing that the measurable results of a business can be missed and that you can qualify empowerment as being really successful. Please know that these ultimate business results are the detailed witness to a business win just like the scoreboard is at the end of a sporting event. While empowerment is a great thing that draws a workforce and its leadership much more on the same page, the lifeblood of the entire organization is achieving collectively these important business metrics/results. You can not grow empowerment and strengthen the team from top to bottom without having tangible results where they matter.

If this is a clear measure of empowerment’s success, then how do you convey this to all involved. The simple answer is that when you build your empowerment process at the heart of the structure must be the metrics that your teams have to achieve within the empowered structure. Empowerment without critical business results metrics will be just as ineffective as empowerment without discipline. How much fun or excitement would you have watching your favorite sports team without keeping score?


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