Who Are The Right People For Your Team?

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You know when I was little boy, it was always relatively clear who would be chosen last when teams were selected in our neighborhood lots for baseball, football and many other team events. You always knew who was labeled as slow, too short, or a host of other labels in the pecking order of picking members of the team. I believe in business it is often easy to spot the people who maybe wrong for your team as well. They may include people who complain offering no solutions, people who spend too much time in the break room, or people who spend too much time on the phone. So, that maybe the easy part in building a company’s resources but the important question here is how do you find and retain the right people in a business transformation?

I know a lot of leaders (managers as well) that believe finding the right people means looking at a lot of competency based information like resumes, prior job skills, training/ education, and various work experiences. Well I am not a competency based leader. Now do not get me wrong, much of this data or work related history is important as a baseline for qualifications but I do not hire based on competencies. I am a performance based leader. That simply means that when I make an offer to even a senior level leader, I am looking well beyond the competencies to hear the details of what they have accomplished (performance based) in their previous jobs so I can evaluate just how well I feel they will fit the needs and expectations of my transformational organization.

When you find people who are accustomed to delivering results and are ready for whatever comes next, you are building a team that will have the resources and talent to both start and sustain a transformation of continuous improvement which is always my goal. It is not that hard in today’s world to teach people the nuisances of your business and if they have many of the competencies that I discussed earlier they should be quick learners. However, it is not easy to teach leaders/employees character, dedication, can-do attitude and/or work ethic. The right people are not found in the paperwork. The right people are found in the spirit of performance that is always visible on them!


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