Better or Bitter Leadership?


I am sure that many of you have heard the old saying that when you confront someone with their weaknesses or failures, they have to make one of two choices on this confrontation— “to get better or to get bitter.” As a true leader I want to share with you that I don’t feel your employees ever have to “get bitter” unless you facilitate that feeling.

You know for all the problems, issues or failures that I have had in my professional career, I never have been bitter at anyone as a source for my issues. I certainly have resolved on more than one occasion to avoid certain type leaders (managers) or certain jobs so as to avoid the disappointment or failure in these no win situations that could position me to be bitter. In that same process, I have gleaned from my best role models the focus and desire “to get better.”

You see, I think that real leaders know who they are as a person and they realize that as a real leader/person they have to help coach, mentor and build the desire for their people to “get better.” Most people who receive criticism and “get bitter” obtain that way of feeling/thinking because they do not feel coached, guided or valued by their leader (manager) giving them the feedback. I am convinced that is much more the reason for getting bitter versus feeling remorse about their reported failures.

Great leaders know what is truly most important to them and their organization and more times than not they will reflect that in their desire to make the organization and its members “better” via their desire to drive mentoring and coaching throughout the organization. I am willing to be that most who become “bitter” don’t feel that bitterness at their perceived shortcomings or purported failures. I believe that more times than not their bitterness is due to their perceived failure of the organization to help them be prepared to better perform and grow. Leaders grow better organizations and those bitter few in real leader driven organizations just will not last.


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