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I had the opportunity this week to speak about Transformational Leadership to a room full of CEO’s, COO’s, CFO’s and Senior Human Resources Leaders. I was both excited and anxious about speaking to this room full of smart, experienced business leaders. I feel very qualified to speak on this subject not because of my book but because of my personal experiences and clear conviction in what I believe works to drive Transformation in any business setting. However, even with my experiences and confidence, I wanted to make sure that I would add value to their thought process and business needs. By the way, in most things a little anxiety about doing a good job is a good thing as it drives you to rally work at achieving your goals.

I could write a very long blog about the presentation but I will focus my comments on the most significant and repeatable feedback that I received following my presentation. Far and away, the most repeatable and significant comment that I heard from many of the audience after the presentation was the buy-in to the key point that organizational competence or said another way “the right people/leader” is the most critical aspect of business transformation from where you are in current state to your vision for the future.

They agreed that it is really very simple in that a business must define a short and long term strategy, clear business success factors that are driven by the strategy, organizational competence and supporting processes with sufficient metrics for monitoring progress. My overarching point was that all of this is only achieved, as were many of the resulting victories that I shared from the book, if you started with the right leadership people with the right leadership beliefs!

That “right leader” will be a real change agent that visions, communicates, owns, drives and shares the successes with a team that is focused on all those things I mentioned above fundamental to a changing, growing and successful business/organization. This is by far the first and biggest step in the business alignment that I started to talk about last week.


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