What is At The Heart of Transformational Leadership?

transformational leadership

As you can read in the book, I believe that all really strong, successful leaders become that type of leader because at some point more than one issue or opportunity tested them. They may have failed on more than one occasion as they faced into these issues/opportunities but the lack of success in a moment in time and space did not determine who they are. In fact, their determination and persistence to get through these particularly tough times and learn from them made them even stronger as a leader in the future.

I do talk extensively in my book about persistence or never giving up but that is not what I want to expand upon in this blog. What I want to make a few comments on is how you can create this level of persistence which I believe is at the heart of Transformational Leadership.

First, in the long run transformational leaders are winners and they believe they are winners despite setbacks. In leadership as in life, winning is a choice and regardless of what you maybe facing at a particular time you can and must see yourself as a winner. That develops a level of confidence that allows you to believe in yourself despite some tough times you maybe facing. It gives you the confidence to vision a way through those tough times and keep your ego in check during the good times. We will talk more about leadership and egos in future blogs.

Last, winners develop the level of persistence necessary to be a real change leader because they believe that the future always holds a better spot for them, their team and their business than the past. I make the point on numerous occasions in my book that transformational leadership is not easy! It is not easy because at this leadership’s baseline is the need to drive continual change. I will write more about being a change agent and leading others out of their comfort zone but for today let me end with this thought. You can be a Transformational Leader but in your heart you must believe you can despite the challenges and failures that will come your way in this journey. In other words, transformational Leaders “keep on keeping on!”


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