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Randy Dobbs is a proven CEO with strong operational/execution skills who has demonstrated success in fix-it situations. Randy has been a mentor for over 30 years helping individuals, senior leaders, to CEO’s at GE, Phillips Medical, USIS and WCAS portfolio companies.

Motivational Leadership

TEDx speaker Randy Dobbs continues to be an exciting motivational leadership speaker, which has been his passion for over 25 years. He honed his skill as a motivational speaker and business coach working at GE under the tutelage of Jack Welch. His talks create action among employees, stakeholders, and in communities during periods of transformation.

Board Chair and Interim

Mr. Dobbs has been a board member and/or board chair in both public and private companies. He can oversee CEO development, board processes, and provide interim leadership while new talent can be recruited.

Randy’s Books

Randy’s book, Transformational Leadership: A Blueprint for Real Organizational Change gives a pathway for both small and large businesses to succeed in uncertain economic times. As CEO of GE Capital, IT Solutions, he was awarded General Electric’s Turnaround Business of the Year Award. Now the secrets of a successful executive are compiled into a readable, practical guide for all types of leaders.

His book, Real Hope: How Hope Drive Positive Actions That Lead to business, Leadership and Real World Victory, is a an inspirational journey that can raise both your business and your spirits to the highest levels.

Discover Your Transformation

He honed his skill as a motivational speaker and business coach working at GE under the tutelage of Jack Welch.


Board members, co-workers, other executives have all praised Randy’s authenticity. It is the heart of his leadership and a value that Randy inspires in others. Authenticity has the power to transform. Randy delivers it.

Vast Experience

Four CEO appointments crown a lifetime of real-world leadership experience. Beginning in an Arkansas machine shop, and culminating in the apex of American businesses leading billion-dollar companies.

Analytical Skills

Randy can look at a balance sheet and tell you the exact steps necessary for lasting turnaround. His analytical abilities solve process problems, his analytical abilities cut to the heart of the solution. You want him on your team.

A+ Communicator

Randy is best known for opening communication at all levels in every business he has run. As a writer, speaker, and executive, his ability to articulate a vision and create response is second to none.

What People Say About Randy

Dobbs’ method continues to pay huge dividends as my career moves forward. As a mentor first in my role as CEO of USIS and now with National Seating & Mobility.

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